Command Ops: Race To The Volga Preview Part 1

Race to the Volga (RTV) is still a work in progress.  There are a lot of moving parts and so based on what I learned from building out Hubertus I am going to play through this scenario as much as possible before I finish creating it.  That way I can focus on specific units on both sides.

The screenshots below are from Day 1 as the Germans.  My objectives for day 1 are to move into the Yelshanka suburbs, grab the Betekovka Ferry crossing south of Stalingrad and if possible occupy Hill 120 west of Stalingrad.

14th Panzer probes the steppe south of Hill 120.

Three German armor formations begin their attacks on 62nd Army positions on Hill 120, the Brick Factory in Kuprosnoye and the Yelshanka objective.  You can also see that KG Bassler has entered Betekovka.

The Soviets turned back my probe of Hill 120 just before midnight.  Under the cover of darkness I withdrew my battalion to regroup.  Southeast of Hill 120 you can see my probes of the southern suburbs are faring better, including the Yelshanka objective which is now under my control.

More to follow...


BrianS said…
Hey Chris,
Really looking forward to this set of scenarios. Stalingrad is an intense and insane battle.
Chris said…
Brian I will send you a link via FB!
Phil said…
Hi Chris, Didn't even know Stalingrad was out. I have been away from Command Ops for a bit gonna have to get this now. :)
Chris said…
Hi Phil! Well my version of Stalingrad is out. I tried to build an estab file and a scenario. Check them out and let me know what you think.

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