Stalingrad: 13th Guards Rifle Division

The 13th Guards Rifle division is one of those heroic Soviet units that you learn about after doing some reading about the battle of Stalingrad.

13th Guards commander General Rodimtsev
They suffered almost 100% casualties and were present throughout key moments of the struggle:  when the Germans entered the City, the fighting at Pavlov's House off January Square, the central height of Mamaev Kurgan, Operation Hubertus, the factories, etc.

They of course make an appearance in my first Stalingrad scenario about Operation Hubertus.  What's left of them (about 500 men) is clustered in fortified positions at the southernmost end of the 62nd Army's Volga river defense line.

As part of the 13th Guards, I've also included Yakov Pavlov's small reinforced command and the apartment building that he held with his men in this scenario as well.

The stats for Pavlov's men are above (I need to add in their anti-armour weapons (14.5mm anti-tank rifles).  I am still adding in the German units in the City center.  To the north of the 13th's position you can just make out the Krutoy Gully and the City Waterworks.  The 13th will receive reinforcements by Ferry during the scenario as they are clustered around the abandoned Central Ferry docks.

More to follow...


Doug Miller said…
Looking great, Chris! I remember playing some ASL scenarios set during this operation when I was in college. Your posts are bringing back fond memories.
Chris said…
Thanks Doug. Getting closer each day. Looking forward to it being done!

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