Histwar2 Gameplay

This is looking really good.  It's probably one patch away from me purchasing it because I am sure the initial release is buggy based on the first version of this game.


Doug Miller said…
The animations and overall graphics do look much improved. I'm waiting to see what the revamped UI looks like, but I suspect this is going to get bought, soon.
Peter Winship said…
What's the AI like, I wonder?

And does anyone know if the maps are historically accurate and to 1:1 scale?
Chris said…
Hi Peter. The only person I've seen blog about playing version 2 is JC at Real and Simulated wars and he didn't mention the AI that I remember.

I play the first version of this game and for the most part it is solid. I've not seen too many bone-headed moves. The cavalry in that version always seems to be a wildcard, with swings between indolence and reckless abandon.
Chris said…
Also, the maps in the first one are not historically accurate. In most instances they are close. there are a few exceptions where they are way off (Marengo springs to mind).

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