Command Ops: Stalingrad Update

I am getting closer to releasing Hubertus for some playtests. Below is a screenshot of the battlefield as it looks in the scenario editor, a look at the Soviet estab units and the OOBs for the Germans and Soviet armies, as well as the scenario's initial briefing as it stands right now.

The map is complete(primed ferry crossing is possible only change) and 75% of the OOBs for each side have been added to the map and reinforcements schedules.  
6th Army German formations: 79, 71, 305, 389 Infantry divisions; 24th Panzer Division;100 Jager Division; 37th Motorized Flak Regt and Assault Group Linden (the Pioneers).

Soviet 62nd Army formations:  284, 138, 244 Rifle divisions; 13, 37, 39 Guards Rifle divisions; Gorokow's Brigade; 9th Rifle Brigade; 38th Mechanized Rifle Brigade; 161 and 241 Rifle Regiments.

The Soviet estab file as it stands now.  Rifle Divisions and Guards Rifle Division units.  The GRD units represent the Guards formations.

I've modeled each of these units and their full complement of weapons is added to the estab file.  I don't have the Mechanized brigade piece of the Soviet estab file completed yet.  When Hubertus takes place (mid November 1942) the Soviet formations were so degraded that there is no mention, in any account that I could find, of the Soviets having any armor present inside Stalingrad to turn the Germans back.  Their armor formations were all moving to the flanks to begin the pincer movement that would occur days after Hubertus and result in the encirclement of the German 6th Army.  There is also less artillery support present than there was during the battle just weeks before.  In fact, the Soviet 62nd Army commander Chuikov complains of this to the Yeremenko his front commander that the Germans are going to notice the slackening artillery fire.

The Briefing text as it stands now.  Obviously I've had a little fun with the Soviet piece of this and have barely fleshed out the German briefing.

11 Nov 1944 03:30
Historical Scenario

German Commander: 

Hitler has agreed to commit veteran Pioneer units from across the Don Front.  They are death dealers in the finest order.  Keep the pressure on the factories until they become available and then wipeout each soviet bridgehead.  Seize the Barrikady and Red October Factories first, sweep the northern bank of the Volga next and then attack Lazur.

No soldier of Stalin should be left under arms on the western side of the Volga!  LI ArmeeCorps will support Assault Group Linden in every way possible!

Russian Commander:

The situation is dire.  The crossings must not fall into German hands.  Ice is forming north of the city and soon reinforcement will be impossible.  German counterbattery fire has wiped out every artillery battery inside the city.  The 62nd is completely dependent on the eastern shore of the Volga for artillery support.  There are a handful of mortar companies and AT gun platoons scattered throughout the factories.  Use them wisely.

The 284th has a strong hold on the Lazur Chemical Factory.  The Germans are perilously close to the Volga at Red October and at Barikkady.  Communication with the 37th Guards at the Tractor Factory is intermittent.  Beyond that, there is a brigade sized force fighting against Panzers in Spartanovka. Good luck to them!

Hold on at all costs!  Stalin has refused evacuation.  So its  death by  firing squad at Stalin's dacha, death by some lucky Nazi SOB's bullet, a German POW camp or Red Army glory if you do manage to hold your objectives!