Command Ops Stalingrad: Operation Hubertus Update And More

I am busy finishing up some tweaks to Hubertus based upon the initial gameplay of Tim at Ranger X3X and Doug at Cry Havoc.  Their AARs are a great way to learn about Operation Hubertus.

After I release an updated file to them, my plan is to release the file for download by the end of next week for everyone to play.

I am also working on my second Stalingrad scenario which is tentatively titled "Race to the Volga."

This second scenario covers the initial four days of fighting as the German 6th Army enters the city in mid September of 1942.  The initial attack on Stalingrad was two-pronged and includes five German divisions.  The Soviet formations will include armor brigades, the 92nd Naval Infantry brigade (Black Death) as well as one full strength Guards Division (the 13th). There will also be some additional weapons not included in my Hubertus scenario like the Soviet's  ROKS-2 Flamethrower.

The map is also bigger (30km x 31km) and includes more room to maneuver south and west of the City. I am also adding a little more detail to the southern section of the city.  I've been fooling around with bitmap underlays but I still can't figure them out so this map will also be freehand.

Anyway, hope you had a great Christmas and more to follow!