Command Ops: Stalingrad Gameplay (UPDATED)

Two more screenshots from a morning run through of my Hubertus scenario.

I love this screenshot.  The German AI commander is launching an attack along both sides of Krutoy Gully.

You can see the list of Soviet objectives to the left.  Because I wanted the Soviet AI to fight up and down a 13km front along the Volga I've created a series of defend objectives and secure objectives (roughly 1 every km).
In addition to these screenshots, here are a few of my notes about scenario development and my playtests:

- The Soviets lost my morning run through with over 2900 casualties including 900+ prisoners.  Day 3 of the scenario proved too much for them. The Lazur objective fell as did almost every other major objective to the Germans.  I did maintain the secure crossing objective at Crossing 62 (a ferry), the Tractor factory and Spartanovka to the north.

- I have to redo a section of the Volga map.  There was a sliver of land across which a Soviet artillery battery crossed in today's scenario.

-Each OOB has about 3-4,000 additional men that need to be added to it (a few divisions are still without sub-units).  The majority of units for both armies are in the 50-60% of estab range.

-The LI Armeekorps base  unit was a surprise participant in today's German AI attack against the Lazur Chemical factory (pictured above).  I think this occured because it is one of the largest forces in either army. I need to adjust this.

- There are 8 shattered Russian divisions (including one Guards division) on the West bank of the Volga.

More to follow...

I won't be posting again until Monday.  Until then, I thought I would share some of my gameplay screen grabs from this evening.

Reinforcing Red October Factory objective. Russian units pictured are using the Soviet Estab file I created.

Fight for the Commissar's House.

The fighting shifts south of the Barrikady towards the Lazur Chemical Factory.  The Soviet AI abandoned the bridgeheads to the north to defend the Lazur and Commissar objectives.
I am about half way done with the German OOB and Soviet OOB. I couldn't resist one quick firefight.  A quick note, the current scenario now plays at 3 days and 14 hours long.


RangerX3X said…
You can make several AI only objectives by making the victory points for each zero that way they do not show in game...useful for when you are playing against them. Looking great hope to see a release soon as I would like to play this.
Chris said…
Hi Tim. Thanks for the message. I've fooled around with the AI objectives and it never seems like the attacks materialize. In addition to the objectives listed in the screenshot, there are 5 AI objectives spread around the map to give some offensive creativity to the AI attack plan if you are playing against the Soviets. I need to add them in for the Germans also.

As for release, I am hoping to have it for you and Doug to playtest by the end of the week. This is the biggest/most complex scenario that I've done, so it has taken longer than I would have hoped.

Joe McCabe said…
This looks very very cool. Thanks for all the hard work!
Joe McCabe said…
This looks very very cool. Thanks for all the hard work!
Chris said…
Thanks Joe for your comment! It is coming together and will hopefully be ready for release soon.

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