Command Ops: Playtesting Hubertus

The map has undergone another set of revisions with some new information and the OOB for the Germans has changed.  The Stalingrad North portion of the OOB stands at 4816 soldiers.  That's about half way to where I intend to be.  That may seem like a low figure based on the size of this battle but at this point in the fighting, the armies on both sides of No-mans Land were practically begging for battalion sized reinforcements.

The screenshot below is a snapshot of the fighting around the Lazur Chemical Factory.  Its early in the timeline but I'm using forces that will arrive late.  I wanted to do this to see what kind of death-dealers the Pioneers play as for the German side when there are so many of them present.  Nearly 2000 of the 4816 present in this run through are German Pioneers.

That's a primed ferry crossing in case you are wondering.  I need to set the intel display for Russian units to minimum.  There are a lot more of them on the board than you can see.

Most of my new map work has been around the town of Spartanovka (off screenshot to the north) and the Red October and Barrikady factories (shown above).  I also added some elevated roads and sections of elevated rail lines in places (along the river and in one part of the Lazur Factory).   
I also just want to say how much I respect Panther games, the playtesters and the modders who have been moving this game along for years now (Tim Williams at Ranger X3X for instance with his phenomenal Marine Corps mod).  I am just trying to hack together a Soviet estab file and two scenarios set inside Stalingrad with my spare time these days and the amount of time, detail and the number of revisions that go into something like this is amazing. Thank you!


RangerX3X said…
Thanks for the kind words! Your work here on these Russian maps/forces are pushing the game forward just the same, if not more so. Keep up the great work.
Chris said…
Hah. Thanks Tim. It will be fun to play I hope. I don't know how much it will help the developers.

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