UPDATED: Command Ops: "Piercing The Gothic Line" Scenario - Available For Download

A German paratrooper observes enemy movement below the Gothic Line.

Theater:  Italy

Scenario Length:  2 days 14 hours 31 minutes

Scenario description:  As the Allies commander:  You command the 85th Division supported by the 91st division as they advance against the German army's "Gothic Line."  Your orders are to take and hold the il Giogo pass and sweep away the German defenses on Mt. Verucca and Monticelli's southern slope.

As the Axis commander, you are in command of the tough, but weakened 12th FJ (paratrooper) regiment.  You are dug in with amazing sight lines of the valley.  Four artillery units are supporting your position and reinforcements are en route.

To download the scenario file click here.

To download the map file click here.

To download the map cache file click here.

I want to also extend a special thanks to Tim at RangerX3X for play-testing this scenario multiple times and his thoughtful notes on supply, play balancing and victory conditions.

Tim has posted his AAR for this scenario here.  It's from the Axis perspective and very interesting!

Note about the Update:  The updated file removes a glitch in the Axis reinforcement schedule.

Historical Situation Map


RangerX3X said…
I am hoping to get an AAR done for this tonight.
Chris said…
Sounds good Tim! Will update post here with it when you do.

Anonymous said…
thanks from Italy!

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