Command Ops: Operation Hubertus German OOB

The German OOB for this scenario is below. I've cobbled it together from a variety of sources.  Some of the names of the individual Pioneer companies are fictional.  The company was there but I don't know what it was called.

The effective strength of the Pioneer component of this OOB is roughly 1800 men.  Craig's Enemy at the Gates puts it at 3000 men but Richthofen's diary (Luftwaffe commander) puts it at just under 1800 with specific numbers for each battalion.  Only two of the battalions were "fresh" to the Stalingrad battle.  The other troops, especially the Battlegroups had fought in the city or in the campaign to take the city.

The other units in the OOB represent what was contributed by the frontline formations in Stalingrad North.  By this time, after almost 3 months of continuous fighting in and around the city, these German formations are experienced but spent.  So the most effective forces the German commander will have for this scenario are the Pioneers.

Hubertus OOB.


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