Command Ops: St. Oedenrode AAR

Tim at Ranger X3X has created a great battalion-level scenario called St. Oedenrode.  It takes place on the Day 1 of Operation Market Garden and is a part of the 101st Screaming Eagles area of operation (AO).  I've done a lot of reading recently about this AO in preparation for my new "Fight for Best" scenario so I am familiar with the attack on the Dommel river bridge at St. Oedenrode.  That reading was a nice backdrop for playing this scenario.


You are in command of 1st battalion of the 502nd and charged with moving quickly to seize the Dommel bridge before the German garrison force can destroy it.

I immediately liked the challenge of focusing on a much smaller force.  Also the open Dutch countryside bordered by woods and streams is much different than the confines of the Arnhem map which I have spent so much time on recently.

The final situation map.  I moved my mortar platoon out to the west of the German positions so my advancing companies attacking the bridge wouldn't be in the way.
I achieved a decisive victory against the Oedenrode garrison after they offered to surrender. I sent the full line strength of the battalion into a frontal attack with mortar support from the NW.
This scenario plays quickly and I am going to try it again to see if I can actually secure the bridge.  I am also going to play the new "Favour Axis" option which Tim has setup.

If there had been an additional unit to the west of the town my wide-flanking movement would have run into trouble.  As a suggestion, this might make a decent "Favour Axis 2" option.

Thanks to Tim for creating this scenario!

You can download it here.


RangerX3X said…
Thanks for the write-up and the feedback. I like smaller force scenarios with short time frames as compared to the huge mega campaigns that last more than four days. This little extract of a larger battle is giving me an urge to create a series of smaller, tactical scenarios for the game. They are fun to create and play.
Chris said…
Hi Tim. I agree. I really enjoyed creating the Lion Route and I am almost done with my second one. They are fun to make and as someone who is learning the game, it helps me think through some of the rules. Also, from a time management perspective it allows me to game and possibly complete what I am doing in one sitting.

I enjoyed St. Oedenrode and look forward to your next one!