Command Ops: Operation Hubertus Scenario Development

I've pinned down the first scenario I am designing for my new Stalingrad map.  Operation Hubertus occurred in November 1942 after much of Stalingrad had fallen to the Germans.  It is a push led by 5-8 German Pioneer battalions to the Volga through the Lazur and Barrikady factories supported by various combat groups from the regular German infantry divisions inside "Stalingrad North." Russian forces are a mix of Guards and Rifle divisions.

I've got the German OOB sorted out thanks to some great sourcing and I am now piecing together the Russian OOB from various sources. Once I square that away I will tackle Russian estab.

Final map.


RangerX3X said…
If your previous scenarios are any indication, then your efforts here with the map and the estabs should be terrific. If you have not already done so, I would post about this in the Matrix forums and include some screen shots as well. I wonder how this compares to what they are working on for the Eastern Front.
Chris said…
Thanks Tim! I will for sure when I get this done.
Doug Miller said…
Chris, this looks to really be shaping up nicely. I can't wait to see it with the Soviet estab. Panther/Matrix should take note of the work you and Tim are doing!