Command Ops: Operation Hubertus Map

A famous picture from Stalingrad.  The debris fields caused by air attacks and artillery barrages in Stalingrad dominate the landscape.

The screenshot below is a cropped version of the objectives area for the Germans and Russians. I've edited the terrain layer for "Broken" to simulate the debris fields that littered the landscape around bombed out buildings and in the No Man's land between the German and Russian positions.

I've also added a number of fortifications to the map to give the front lines a hardened feel that is visible to the player.  You can almost see the Russian defensive line along the Volga.  Both the German and Russian sides will be in possession of fortifications at scenario start.

Cropped shot of Lazur and Barrikady Factories.  German units will control 70-80% of the City at the start of the scenario.


RangerX3X said…
That cropped shot would make an excellent cropped map section (of the larger effort) for a side platoon-to-company sized engagement :)