Command Ops: "The Fight For Best" Scenario Available For Download

Members of the 101st Airborne division moving west through Zonsche Forest towards Best and it's vital bridges.

The "Fight for Best" is the second scenario that I have created for Command Ops.  This time I've shifted battlefields to the Eindhoven sector of the Market Garden Operation.

As the Allied commander you lead the 502nd Parachute Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division and it's attack to secure the vital road and rail bridges at Best.  

As the Axis commander, you lead elements of the 59th Infantry division in a spirited defense of the town of Best and it's bridges as well as regaining control of the vital road bridge over the River Dommel at St. Oedenrode.

Historically, the fight for Best lasted almost three days and is described by participants as one of the most "bitter battles" of the Netherlands campaign.  The outclassed Germans fought bravely and gave the 101st all they could handle.  

I hope you enjoy it and please leave me a comment below.  I welcome any/all feedback!  Thanks.


Notes about the scenario:

The scenario is 1 Day and 23 Hours + long.

German forces will eventually outnumber the American/Allied forces by almost 2 to 1 by scenario's end but at the beginning of the scenario the forces are evenly matched.

I've provided intelligence reports for each side in the briefing panel once you launch the scenario.

I've tried to be as accurate as possible about unit placement for the start of the game and for reinforcement.  The American side had better information including a great eyewitness account of the fighting around Best called "Glider Infantryman: Behind Enemy Lines During WWII" written by a soldier in the 327th Glider Regiment that I found using Google Books.

I've played this scenario multiple times as both the Axis and the Allies.  The best I've managed is a draw as the Allied player and I have suffered marginal and decisive defeats as the Axis player.


Chris said…
Thanks Tim! I am eager to get your feedback. I think the scenario is very different than the Lion Route.

General Taylor described the 101st fighting as having to send a series of "Fire Brigades" to counter each new German fire/attack.

I've tried to replicate that feel with the use of objectives and the reinforcement schedule. I hope you enjoy it.

RangerX3X said…
My first attempt was a marginal victory (62-42), albeit a Pyrrhic victory: I lost 1,361 men to only 700 for the Axis. Although I controlled the Best Rail and Road Bridge objectives (as well as the Dommel Bridge), I could not manage to break through to the "Town of Best" objective with the 327th to secure the 23 Victory Points sitting there. I could not get the two bridging units to construct a bridge, however just having them parked at the "Rebuild and Secure Son Bridge" objective gave me the six VP's as there were no German forces ventured in that area. Overall it is a great mission, and a tough one. The force load is just about right and the duration is spot on.
Chris said…
Hi Tim. Thanks for responding and I glad you enjoyed it!

What did you think of the briefing notes? Adequate? I havent played all of the game scenarios to know if I am missing anything.

I also added some unit notes but these are incomplete (I will finish them at some point).

I've not had the units construct a bridge either. By the time I get them into position, they run out of time to build the bridge.

Best is tough. I've captured it once and held it. But I ended up only managing a draw because I couldn't capture the bridge. 3rd battalion gets surrounded but can hold out long enough to await the arrival of the 327th.

Interesting side note, I did 4 playtests of this scenario before I realized I hadn't put an objective at the rail bridge. I think it plays harder without the rail bridge because the town of Best becomes something you need to capture.