Command Ops: "Arnaville Bridgehead" Scenario - Available For Download

US GIs prepare to cross the Moselle.

Scenario Background:

General Patton commander of the US Third Army has issued Field Order No. 10 to XX Corps.  It calls for the seizure of crossings on the Sarre River, some thirty miles east of the Moselle. Beyond this, the XX Corps would continue its advance to Mainz on the Rhine River.

With the crossing of the Sarre river in early September a bridgehead over the Moselle is the new Corps focus.  At Dornot, 2.5 miles upriver from Arnaville, a crossing force is contained by fierce German resistance.

Further south, the US 5th division is ordered to cross the Moselle at night, opposite Arnaville, and seize the commanding heights over the river.  Building a tank capable bridge is also critical to the expansion of this bridgehead and the passage of our heavy armor units across the river.  Failure to do so will most likely result in the withdrawal of our soldiers with heavy losses.

Opposing the 5th are elements of  3 German Panzergrenadier divisions including the tough 17th SS Panzergrenadier division.

Scenario Stats:

Duration:  02:20:00
Axis Units: 31
Allies Units: 35
Combat Power advantage: Axis
Weather:  Clear
Air Superiority:  Allies

If you want to see what the scenario looks like before you download and play, I encourage you to check out Tim's post at RangerX3X.  He has posted a great AAR of this scenario on his blog here.

Files for Download:

Scenario file is here.

Map file is here.

Map cache file is here.


BrianS said…
Hey Chris,
When I try to play, it tells me I don't have the newest version, but when I go to update Battles for the Bulge, it tells me I'm up to date. Any idea what's going on?
Chris said…
Hi Brian. I think you need to download a patch in the members forum on matrix. It is a beta patch. Let me add the link here.
Chris said…
Hi Brian. Try reading through this here to find the patch:
BrianS said…
Thanks Chris. I'll give a go this weekend...along with the others you've posted. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family.