Command Ops: The Arnaville Bridgehead (UPDATED MAP)

Initial American deployment.  1/10 and 2/10 of the US 5th Infantry Division.

The finished Arnaville Bridgehead map.  American forces opened up the Arnaville Bridgehead across the Moselle River a few days after the Dornot crossing about 2.5 miles upriver.  The attack was a surprise but the German forces in the area quickly recovered...  


RangerX3X said…
The map looks great. I am really looking forward to the scenario you put together to be fought on it. Keep up the excellent work!!
Chris said…
Thanks Tim! I placed objectives, seps, set the weather and air availability this morning. Working on OOBs next and then unit placement. I'd love to finish the last two items today but I think it will probably be tomorrow.
Chris said…
Hi Tim. Do you know of any American units in the OOB for Bulge or HTTR that have a bridging unit?
RangerX3X said…
Hello Chris,

That is a great question…the only thing I can find in BftB is an estab reference under Great Britain/British Guards named “MG - GDS - Bridge Trp RE”. It has the correct bridging icon.

Because it is in the core estab, you can use it in the scenario editor to create your own unit (no need for an estab or separate force list) and name it whatever you want.

Hope that helps – Tim
Chris said…
Okay thanks Tim. I will try that.

With the exception of this bridge unit the American force is assembled.
I am having to build an SS Panzergrenadier division using the estab. I went through the scenarios to see if I could find one to copy and couldn't.

I tried last night to play the scenario using the full American force vs. a battalion of Panzergrenadiers and almost a battalion of SS Panzergrenadiers with two SS Pioneer units and a artillery battalion.

For the bridging unit on the American side I added the British bailey unit I used in the best scenario.

3 really cool things happened (all of which happened for real):

- Germans were able to keep the crossing under continuous fire.

-The bridging unit constructed a bailey bridge under fire. Took 2 days.

-Supplies into the bridgehead were severely interdicted during the day but at night flowed freely.

Working on 17th SS now. Should have something for you to play Tim maybe as soon as tonight.

Chris said…
Tim here are two of the files:


map cache:

Will add the scenario soon
Chris said…
Hi tim. Here is a rough of the scenario:

i've got a list of some tweaks i am considering. As always I welcome your feedback.

RangerX3X said…
I have an in-progress AAR going on my blog.