Command Ops: Playtesting the Lion Route

I went through my first round of playtesting my new scenario and learned a few important things about the editor.  I also learned I have a ways to go with this mission.

The German attack with armor on the bridge was hard to stop.  I did manage to seize the southern end of the bridge though.  

Three takeaways:

1. Cloning a scenario works to a point.  When you do clone an existing scenario you also pull in the objectives and I couldn't figure out how to delete old objectives.  This caused half the German OOB to stay below the Rhine guarding the objectives to the south without ordering an attack to the north where the actual battle is.

2.  The ratio of German to British troops in the Lion route is 2:1.  The Arnhem scenario in the game has a ratio of 6 to 1.  The 1st day of this scenario was a bit of a walk for the Brits and the 2nd day with the reinforcements they receive, they actually outnumber the Germans north of the river.  That makes for a bad playtest and is historically inaccurate and is something I need to fix.

3.  The Arnhem railroad bridge historically blows up in the face of Frost's C company as they move to secure it.  It might be a great "what-if" scenario to see what would happen if they did manage to grab it.

The 2nd Staffordshires move on the West Arnhem objective.  Frost is battling around the bridge still.  He's taken 50% losses by this point.

Because the 1st round of playtesting went the way it did, I have a revised version of the scenario I am working on.  I've created 5 secure task objectives for the Brits:  Oosterbeek, Lion Route, West Arnhem, North Bridge and South Bridge.

I need to import the force list and add in German objectives.  I also need to look at supply and intelligence (which I didn't fool around with for the playtest above).

More to follow...


RangerX3X said…
For future reference when cloning a mission in the scenario design tool, just select one of the tasks on the map and hit the delete key. It automatically removes it from that side’s victory conditions list as well.
Chris said…
thanks Ranger that is good to know! I am almost done with the revised version. Working on objectives now. I also did some more research about two german formations in particular and moved them to the correct section of the battlefield.

going to run a test tonight hopefully
Phil said…
I know you love your historical accuracy Chris and i will probably get flamed for this but i wouldn't get to hung about it. Don't let that get in the way of a good old battle.
Chris said…
Hi Phil! I agree. I am not going to go crazy with the placement. I reworked some things and ran a play test this afternoon while I worked. Everything seemed about right. Just some minor tweaks tonight and I will likely put it online for download.

Can't wait to get feedback from everyone.

Hipshot said…
This looks very cool. Well done.
Chris said…
Thanks Hipshot! I appreciate the comment and I hope you enjoy the scenario. - chris