Command Ops: Play test #2 of The Lion Route

The second time was a much better experience than the first.  After initial orders I let the computer fight this one out while I worked. The fighting was intense and the German AI fought for the objectives I set for them while my Brits fought to reinforce Frost on the bridge.

The force balance was better and the results were interesting.  I am working through a list of tweaks tonight.  I then need to set the intel for the frontline units for the start of the scenario.

Below are some screenshots from my second playtest.

The scenario begins for the Brits with 2nd battalion surrounded on the bridge and the 1st and 3rd battalions fighting to reach them.

The Lion route objective (center objective along Rhine) changed hands multiple times.
Reinforcements turned the tide in this fight multiple times.  
What's left of Frost's men are fleeing west trying to breakout and re-establish contact with 1st Airborne.  German reinforcements flow over the bridge into the City.