Command Ops: The Lion Route

My effort to create a Command Ops scenario is progressing.  I've decided to start with the larger Lion Route scenario and then use it as the base scenario to create the smaller Lonsdale Force scenario.

Scenario Description:

Arnhem Sector - September 18, 1944: 3:30
Historical Scenario

The fight for Arnhem bridge is underway. Colonel John Frost's 2nd battalion is in possession of the northern end of the bridge. Unexpected German resistance and communication failures have caused widespread confusion as the British Red Devils make their way to the bridge.

As the 1st Parachute Brigade commander, you are charged with directing the fight to reinforce Frost along the Lion route which runs along the Rhine into Arnhem proper.

Start:  18 September 3:00 1944
End:  19 September 22:00 1944
Duration: 01:19:01 days

British situation on the morning of September 18th:

The landing zones are being protected by the 1st Airlanding Brigade.  Followup elements of the division and supplies are expected to land later today.

1st brigade's 1st and 3rd battalions are en route to the bridge.  After hitting resistance yesterday as they advanced , each battalion has reformed overnight and has been ordered to make their way along the Lion route towards Frost and his men.  

The jeep reconnaissance squadron under Freddie Gough is in shambles with the majority the squadron clustered around the rail station at Wolfheze while Major Gough and two other jeeps are believed to be at the bridge with 2nd battalion.

Communications with 2nd battalion are spotty.  Colonel Frost's last report indicated he was in a strong position on the northern end of the bridge with roughly 600 men.  It is unclear what opposition he faces.

A midnight patrol along the river passed along a report to your adjutant just after midnight that said the southern end of the bridge is burning.

The Luftwaffe had air superiority over the battlefield yesterday.  Hopefully the RAF does a better job with it today.

No word from XXX Corps.

There is a heavy fog over the river.

The Historical reinforcement schedules for both sides reflect the historical arrival times and locations of units in the battle. Standard reinforcement schedules provide alternative entry locations for some units without favouring one side or the other. The Favour Allies and Favour Axis settings provide alternatives favouring one side or the other.

I will update this post later today with the German situation. I've nailed down the reinforcement schedule for the Brits and need to focus on the German OOB which is way more diffcult than the British one.

Mid afternoon editing.  British troops displayed as they will be at the start. 2nd battalion in the city on the bridge.  1st on the lower road and 3rd moving down the Ede- Arnhem Weg.


German units are now going on the map.  I am making some educated guesses about positioning and relying on Cornelius Ryan's A Bridge to Far narrative and Stephen Badsey's Osprey campaign title Arnhem 1944 to help me make these decisions.

German forces at start.  I am not sure this is it for them, still doing research.  


Doug Miller said…
This is sounding pretty cool!
Chris said…
Thanks Doug! I've had a few hours to work on it today and I've made the most of it. I am not sure how much I have left or how hard that will be but maybe it will be ready to playtest next week.