Command Ops: The Lion Route Updated Scenario File

The 2nd South Staffordshires advance along the Lion Route into Arnhem.

I have made an update to the scenario file which I am posting for download below.

Changes include:

- Additional British reinforcements on Day 1.  These reflect decisions by Urquhart and later Hicks, the British commanders, to shore up the attacks to reinforce Frost.  These reinforcements will arrive in a piecemeal fashion to reflect the fluid release of troops from the landing zones to the west as the situation stabilizes there.

- I decreased the German reinforcement with 10th SS Panzer Division on Day 2.  With the seizure of the bridge by the British, the Germans were forced to use a ferry 7 miles east of Arnhem to transport the 10th SS Panzer Division across the Rhine.  These troops were then divided with the heavy armor elements being sent south to Nijmegen and rest being sent north to reinforce the 9th SS Panzer division already fighting in Arnhem. The original reinforcement did not account for the troops that were peeled away and sent south.

- I shortened up the time ranges for Allied reinforcement.  My original intent was to create some uncertainty, reflect the chaotic nature of the battlefield and simulate the command and control issues the British were having with the reinforcement time ranges.  For play balance reasons British reinforcement arrival times are more precise.

- I changed the victory point condition totals.  The kill enemy objective was artificially high and would be an almost impossible task for the British side to meet.

Doug at Cry Havoc has posted a great AAR of this scenario on his blog here.

If you are reading about the Lion Route for the first time and haven't downloaded the map you can grab it here.