Command Ops: By the Shortest Way -- Unit Development

I am so eager to play this scenario I spent a considerable amount of time this morning looking into what two of the key components of the British OOB looked like on Sept 19th (that's after spending yesterday on the map!).

The Lonsdale Force is made up of the shattered remnants of 4 battalions( 1st Para, 3rd Para, 11th Para and the 2nd South Staffordshires).  By noon of the 19th it numbered around 600 men.

The Thompson Force is made up of two batteries of Royal Artillery from the 1st Airlanding Brigade and 5 flights of Glider Pilots (I believe the GPs are about 150 men).

Simulating these forces is one of the keys to the scenario, so this morning I focused on deploying them to the map and adjusting their troop strengths and unit attributes.

The screenshot below shows Thompson and Lonsdale force:

Creating the Thompson and Lonsdale forces was a lot of fun.  I am learning more about the editor and enjoying the process.

Backgrounds on Major Dickie Lonsdale and Colonel "Sheriff" Thompson can be found here and here.