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Information Dissemination covers Air-Sea Battle Concept testimony before Congress.  Might be a good read for the CMANO fans out there.  Interesting discussion of a N. Korea conflict and the use of Marines to seize islands along the North Korean coast to disrupt their logistics.  Read it here.

JC at Real and Simulated Wars takes a look at the Market Garden module for Combat Mission Battle for Normandy.

RangerX3X's "Burning Metal" scenario for Command Ops pits 2nd US Armoured division against the 1st SS Panzer division and is well worth the time.  Phil at Sim-Deck is the latest to play it.  You can follow his progress here.

Doug at Cry Havoc loves the new Operation Flashpoint Campaign: Red Storm game.  You can follow his first campaign for the game here.

The 20th anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu passed us by earlier this month.  War on the Rocks looks at the lessons learned (if any) from our Black Hawk Down moment.  Read more here.  (Also checkout the back and forth in the comments).


Doug Miller said…
20 years since Mogadishu? Wow. It's just now hitting me that the Cold War of my high school years is as far in the past to my kids today as WWII was to me when I was their age. I tend to think of a NATO-WP conflict as "Modern War," but it's really no more modern today than Market Garden was to me!
Chris said…
Indeed Doug. I can remember the Somalia news when it happened. Seems like yesterday but once you put "20 years ago" in the same sentence with it not so much.