APOS: Shilovo 1942 DLC

I purchased the latest DLC Shilovo 1942 for Achtung Panzer Operation Star.  A summer campaign, the map and missions take place near the Shilovo bridgehead west of Voronezh I believe.

I haven't tried any of the campaign yet but I did try a quick skirmish near the bridgehead.
The campaign map.

I typically play the Germans in APOS.  For the skirmish I selected motorized Pioneer platoons, light tanks and a heavy weapons platoon.  To cross the bridge under fire and get up onto the height though, I should have brought artillery.

The bridge and the height beyond.  You can see the Russian Orthodox Spire in the distance.  A throwback to the time of the Czar...
The attack is underway.  The initial defense by the Russian commander put an anti-tank platoon on my side of the river to defend the crossing.  I lost a tank to this platoon as I approached the bridge.  Russian infantry were also lining the riverbanks standing waist high in the river firing on my men.  My mortars targeted the bank not the river and I lost another tank when I approached.

I am sure those gullies ahead of me will be full of Russian infantry.  German tanks in the foreground fire on Russian positions across the river.
More to follow soon...