Too Many Good Games And Not Enough Time

I broke out Achtung Panzer Operation Star again this week. I had forgotten how much I love the game.  The terrain is very detailed and realistic looking.  Massive ravines can hide armies and the trees bordering the large open expanses of ground become Siegfried lines if fortified.  The fog and the sound effects are also great.  I love using their quick battle system and simulating desperate Germans holding back waves of Red Army armor and infantry with sheer grit and hopefully decent tactics and positioning.

German batteries firing on advancing Russians in the distance.

A better view of the left flank of my line.  Those are Tiger tanks in the tree line represented by the diamonds.

The entrenchments squads dig are very cool in this game.

Russian artillery is pounding my positions creating this great rolling dust cloud. It could also be a smoke barrage obscuring their advance.  I can't remember how this game treats smoke.

After playing APOS again I realized that I have too many games and not enough time to dig deep enough into any of them to fully understand how good they are.  I know that's a pretty universal sentiment among wargamers these days because new wargames are so easy to get a hold of.

While I am grateful we have so many choices now, I do miss the days of knowing every corner of my Squad Leader boards and having the time to play...