Early Morning Near Talavera

The battle of Talavera is part of the Peninsular war mod for HistWar. I am commanding the AngloSpanish army under Wellington. The historical disposition of troops for this scenario is correct. Cuesta and the Spanish anchor the right of the Anglo-Spanish line near Talavera. The British under Hill are stationed on the left flank around Medellin hill and the British cavalry under Fane is in reserve. The British Light Brigade is en route and will ultimately march 42 miles in one day and arrive the next morning. Due to my hardware, the sprite ratio for this scenario is 10:1.

I am using the 3rd patch for Histwar.  The weather effects are spectacular and the overall lighting is much improved.
I am playing as Wellington.  This is the battle an hour in.  I moved Villaba out of Talavera for fear his cavalry would be cutoff.  He is regrouping behind Cuesta.  And Cuesta is forming a defensive line behind MacKenzie's men while they engage the advancing French

The British line prepares to engage the French in the center.

French batteries engage McKenzie's line as it marches towards the woods.  Lawson's redoubt is just beyond the scarlet line.
Melee combat in the center.  French infantry push the British back.

The fighting in Talavera is fierce.  Spanish light infantry fight for their lives.
The eastern barricade falls to the French and the light infantry flee to fight another day.

A magnificent shot of Cuesta's defensive line taken from over the French lines.  Talavera can be seen in the distance.

Wellington's lines regroup as the French advance.

French lancers hit MacKenzie's men.

Fresh French troops organize behind the cavalry screen.

British infantry are pursued into the lines of their Spanish allies by French horsemen.  The Spanish line fires into the pursuers.

The French infantry attacks and is met by the elite formation of the Regiment of Ireland in the Royal Spanish army.

The British line reforms and turns on the pursuers.

Payne's cavalry begins to advance beyond Medellin hill.

My plan for the counterattack.  I am deeply concerned about the direction Victor's corps will take (large French formation beyond the forest).

It's volley fire along much of the Spanish line.

Aerial shot of the French General Victor's men.

The French have suffered over 4,000 casualties at this point.  The Anglo-Spanish army just over 3,000. 

Beyond Victor, this unit of the French Young Guard with additional elite regiments of line and light infantry await to enter the battle with Joseph Bonaparte.

More to follow...


Doug Miller said…
This does look much better. I've been thinking to hold off on buying this until he releases the new version, but my resolve might have just crumbled.
Chris said…
Hi Doug. It is better and I found a number of my issues were improved when I changed the sprite ratio. Still some funky stuff. It's probably best to wait but the developer seems to work on his own schedule so I am not sure when new game will be released.