Wargame Airland Battle: Task Force Beowulf

May 14th, 1985 0730 hours:

Warsaw Pact Forces have split Norway in two after slicing through Sweden.  Swedish forces have retreated into the north of the country while some units have been evacuated across Kattegat Bay into Denmark.  Stockholm has fallen to a surprise Soviet amphibious assault.  Norway forces bolstered by NATO landings at Haakonsvern, Alesund and an airlift of British Paratroopers to Bodo have stymied the PACT advance.

Norwegian defenses around Oslo are in danger of crumbling while the umbrella of anti-air protection over the capital is thinning. In a daring night time crossing of the Baltic, Task Force Beowulf a Danish battlegroup attempts to relieve besieged Oslo with a landing at Fredrikstad.  US F-14 Tomcats and German Starfighters assist the depleted Danish air force in providing air support. With American anti-submarine aircraft and Los Angeles class attack submarines providing a protective ASW screen 20 miles east of the convoy.

The battle along the highway to Oslo to follow...

(Oh and if you can't tell, I am really enjoying Airland Battle.)

Task Force Beowulf prepares to engage the Red Army.  The Chinook supply helicopters have been a real blessing in game.


Fatih Baş said…
From what I read in your posts, there are many new and interesting features in the game Chris. I am definitely buying this.

Chris said…
Fatih I am really enjoying it. My fictional battles are just a way to present the game but there are definitely some new features. The deck system is in my opinion much improved and the addition of aircraft have really made a difference. The 4x4 skirmish battles using up to 7 AI bots is neat also.

I've logged 12 hours of gaming with the beta so far and everything I have seen seems more thought out than EE.
Doug Miller said…
I picked this up today. It still feels a bit too RTS-like to me, but it is pretty and I had fun in the one skirmish I've tried so far. I'm definitely not very good and probably never will be; the game depends a lot on reaction time. Still, explosions and tanks!
Chris said…
Hi Doug. Glad to hear. I think it will grow on you. The AI seems more capable and the combined arms game play makes it challenging. Hopefully the campaign portion of the game is different and interesting.

Chris said…
Btw Doug, I am in the middle of my second attempt at the Fox's Gap scenario. Having trouble deciding how best to sweep the heights of confederates. Challenging. I've attacked the Confederate right with Scammon and Crook simultaneously which takes some time to put in place but I am losing men and momentum as the regiments have to cross rock walls and fight under the trees. It does take some of the Confederate guns out of the game though. Will keep you posted.
Doug Miller said…
That's a great scenario Chris! It interested me enough that I'm thinking of making an Antietam/South Mountain road trip this summer.

It took me a couple of tries but I did manage a minor victory. It's a scenario that rewards assaults and having fresh troops to do them.
Chris said…
Haven't tried the scenario again but plan to this evening.

I've been to Antietam. Well worth the trip. Harper's Ferry is also pretty close to there I think. No real battlefield to look on but the town is well preserved and they do mark the positions held by Jackson's men.

Beautiful countryside.