Wargame Airland Battle Skirmishing Against 4 AI

So I discovered last night that Airland battle has 4x4 skirmish gameplay where you can play with up to 7 AI.  Had I paid more attention to the UI and less attention to the planes zooming in and out of combat I probably would have noticed this sooner.

Regardless, it is awesome...

This is what 3 x 3 looks like from a satellite:

Holy moley this is busy.
And this is what it looks like when all hell breaks loose on the Ostersund map:

A platoon of my British Fusiliers are holding a section of the town.  My AI ally is commanding a mix of infantry including Canadian Rifles.  While under heavy shelling, a platoon of my Royal Marines moves to engage approaching T55 tanks..

For someone like me who will almost never play multiplayer this is a really great addition.