Wargame Airland Battle - Preset Scandinavian Decks Lack Balance

I am assuming that each of a nation's units represented in AB are historically accurate.  If so, the decks the game designers built around Norway, Sweden and Denmark are unbalanced. The lack of balance makes you appreciate the command and logistics challenges NATO would have faced on the battlefield and forces you to build integrated decks instead of just playing with your favorite Scandinavian nation.

I played a quick skirmish this morning with the base Norwegian deck on the Gol map (valley north of Oslo and east of Bergen) and my  Soviet AI opponent quickly overwhelmed me.  My lack of helicopter support and capable anti-air assets forced me to hide in the woods while Soviet gunships menaced my infantry and armor units. Ultimately I lasted 14 minutes before Soviet armor smashed my FOB and last command vehicle.

It may be that I can add Norwegian SAM and helicopter assets if I customize the deck.  I've yet to try that.  If you are pressed for time however and relying on game decks, don't expect balance with the preset battlegroups.


Anonymous said…
That's exactly the problem I had last night in a 10v10 match. No long range anti-air units meant that my soviet opponent was able to target me with gunships and planes at will.
Chris said…
I've tried adding a Hawk into my decks to counter Soviet air assets. It has good range but the load time is slow and it never seems to manage more than 1 shot before the Soviet plane has evacuated.