Wargame Airland Battle - A British Tornado Engages Soviet Ground Units Outside Oslo

My graphics aren't great and I am not very good at this game but I am enjoying Airland Battle's skirmish mode (released to beta users yesterday) very much.

A British Tornado flying a ground support mission over the Highway to Oslo map...

Deck:  British Battlegroup
Map:  Highway to Oslo
AI Difficulty:  Easy


Doug Miller said…
How does the AI seem? Does it put up a decent fight?
RangerX3X said…
I have not purchased the expansion yet, but I too am not very adept at the core game yet do enjoy it. I am also trying to determine how best to write-up AAR’s for my blog more than just a snippet here or there.
Chris said…
Doug so far it seems a bit more realistic/thoughtful than Wargame EE. I chose the easy difficulty because I was worried about the speed of the game but the game actually seems slower. It took 15 minutes before I really engaged the AI in this skirmish and we were on a small map. In EE it always seemed like there was no time to build up your force (even at the easy level) before the enemy hammered you.

For this skirmish, when the AI did push forward it led with recon helicopters and recon ground units. Their main attack followed and each column seemed to include AA, infantry and armor. The AI grabbed key terrain features and positioned its AA well. The AI also used a MiG to chase off my Tornado which surprised me.

I will ramp up the difficulty to see what happens and post a follow-up.

Chris said…
Hi Ranger. It was hard for me to grab screenshots in-game. It is moving so fast at times that I didn't want to stop and zoom in to get a good image.

So far I like Airland more than EE. The addition of air assets has added a nice wrinkle to the experience.