Wargame Airland Battle: Battle for the Fjord

Trying to hold out against an aggressive Warsaw Pact attack on this board is a lot of fun.  Withing seconds of launching there were MiGs swarming my positions followed by a wave of infantry carriers and T-55 and T-62 tanks.

I am working on a combined arms deck with a strong recon section (Pumas, Lynx and Bradleys so far) which bore the quick early brunt of the attack.  I also sent Challengers and M1 Abrams platoons along the main highway which helped turn the tide.  I sent two full platoons of Marines and teams of Assault Engineers to fight for the town and the refineries.  I ended up winning my 15 minute skirmish on this map and had a blast.

Initial starting forces.  I like the Flakpanzers for AA because they are cheap.  Marines lead the way across bridge.

I've never built a Warsaw Pact deck but they must be cheap to deploy.  Luckily I didn't see this at launch.

I lost 2 of my 3 French Crusaders.  My F16s in this deck did the most damage.  That Marder near my CP shot down a MiG.
I am really enjoying the game and cannot wait to play this afternoon after the campaign goes live with the full release.