SOW - Battle of Sacile Update

Calvary skirmish as an Austrian Infantry brigade forms a skirmish line.

In the center French infantry struggle to push their way up the ridge.

On the French right confusion reigns as the Franco-Italian troops in white clash with Austrian line infantry also in white.

Italian infantry form square in the face of a menacing cavalry unit just out of sight.

It's heavy saber work as French Chasseurs clash with Austrian Hussars.
More to follow...


Doug Miller said…
Nice to see some real cavalry action in Scourge of War, since it happens so seldom in ACW games.
Chris said…
Hi Doug. It's added a nice dimension and added more realism. I have mixed feelings about the AI for the mod but occasionally the AI opponent makes good tactical decisions. It may have to do with the way you set your sandbox options. For this OOB and on this map I chose the defend option and corps v corps. I've done corps vs corps with this mod on other maps and been the attacker and not enjoyed it. This has been a much better experience. One thing I have noticed, the cavalry for this game is so much slower than Les Grognards where they are a real menace.