H.G. Wells "Little Wars" 100 Years Later...

The NY Times this past week had a wonderful essay about H.G. Wells "Little Wars" book from 100 years ago.

From the essay:

"Winston Churchill and Wells maintained a correspondence too, though many of their letters have been lost. Wright wonders whether the two men ever faced off: “We are left with the fascinating prospect of an historical, toy soldier what-if between the two great toy soldier enthusiasts of the period.”"

For the full essay click here.


Fatih Baş said…
Great article Chris.

Not many people know that H.G. Wells invented wargaming. For many fans of his works it's just trivia, but as a wargamer, a science fiction junkie and a fan of the man himself, I think it's just awesome.
Chris said…
Hi Fatih. I agree. I didn't know he wrote Little Wars until I read this essay. Made me appreciate his thoughtfulness all the more.