Able Archer 1983 AAR Released

Big Board Games highlighted this today on their Facebook page.  A document release of the Able Archer exercise in 1983.  The focus seems to be on the strategic and practical use of B-52 bombers in an open conflict against the Warsaw Pact (Orange Force).

Some highlights:

-  Mentions request from planners to use F111s against Soviet held Kola Peninsula because of the static defenses and air cover instead of high altitude bombing from B-52s.

-Orange forces attack UK airfields to keep B-52s and KC135 refueling aircraft off-balance.

-Ground combat across entire German frontier with air attacks by Orange Force against German Airfields.

-Orange Force is using chemical weapons throughout exercise.

- Command staff participating at Birkenfeld HQ wore chemical weapons suits throughout exercise.  And gas masks were worn by staff participating in the exercise after one simulated chemical attack.

- Bomber use ramped up throughout exercise.  Culimnating in 18 sorties per day.

-KC135 aircraft were moved to Sola Airfield in Norway to extend operations over Norway as well as extending the range of  F111, F4 and F16 aircraft stationed there.

-Concern over the use of the word "strike" by participating staff instead of sortie.  I guess this is because they were nuclear capable and might cause confusion/massive mistake.

-Use of unconventional personnel ahead of joint strikes by B-52s and fighters against the Verna and Burgos harbors by AIRSOUTH.  F-111s hit the airfields there. (Crimean peninsula)

Anyway it's worth a read and since I am Airland battle crazy these days, very timely as well.


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