Scourge Of War - Road To Wagram Mod

I have been meaning to post about this mod for a few weeks now.  Scourge of War is one of my favorite games and the Napoleonic wars is one of my favorite time periods.  The Road to Wagram mod combines the two which makes it a win for me.

I've been fooling around with some division v. division sandbox play.  Screenshots below.

The 91st re-enters the battle.  The smoke from the fighting is in the distance.
French forces are bending in a horsehoe shape.  The view from their lines is grim.

French forces holding their own.
French forces outside the horsehoe are receiving no quarter.

British Dragoons give no quarter.
Lawson's artillery have been a difference maker on the battlefield.

Lawson's battery shells the retreating French.


Doug Miller said…
This looks like a "must download" for me. I tend to be more into the ACW stuff, but do enjoy Napoleonics. I suspect if I learned more about them, I'd play them more. Certainly "Napoleon's Campaigns" is my favorite AGEOD title.
Fatih Baş said…
It's been a while since I last played SoW. I can start playing it again with this.
Chris said…
Hi Doug and Fatih. It is an interesting twist on the game and fun. I've read someplace or another that NorbSoftDev is working on a new, similar game to SOW. My hope is that it is an official Napoleonic version of the game.

I recommend downloading the 3 maps Garnier posted in the forum here:

They are more open than the Gettysburg or Antietam maps and have a more European feel.