New Graviteam DLC for APOS: Operation Hooper

I had to look "Operation Hooper" up but now I am intrigued.  Graviteam has jettisoned the eastern front gaming they've been excelling at for the Angolan Civil War.  Operation Hooper according to wikipedia involved South African Defense Forces and UNITA attacking the Free Angola People's Liberation Army (FAPLA).

I don't know much more than that.  It's available on Gamersgate and is priced at $15.  A play through of one of the scenarios popped up on my Youtube feed this afternoon.  See below:


Doug Miller said…
I'm about to post an initial AAR on this, once I'm done being distracted by playing XCOM. This is a TON of fun. Just different enough from the WWII scenarios to keep you guessing.
Chris said…
Hi Doug. That's great. I can't wait to read it. It seems like a surprising conflict for a developer to spend time on but I like that it's DLC for APOS.

I've not tried XCOM but I've read and seen great things about it.
Fatih Baş said…
After reading a lot of positive reviews on different websites, I recently got APOS and all other DLCs except this one from a midweek sale on Gamers Gate. Still couldn't get into it because of being distracted by different titles. But I'll give it a go shortly.

I also look forward to any AARs of this game.
Dane Rogers said…
I bought Operation Hooper and really enjoy the modern hardware for this DLC and look forward to the next modern DLC set in Afghanistan 1979 Iran vs Soviet Army.Gamersgate is taking preorders with 35% discount for that DLC soon.

I still prefer WW2 Russian Front for this game over the modern stuff and am really looking forward to the Mius front 43 game when it is released.