Les Grognards - Battle of Maida - The Second Hour

Background: In 1806 the British landed an expeditionary force under General John Stuart on the boot of Italy in Calabria after the French had overrun the Kingdom of Naples. A superior French Force engaged the British Force but was routed, suffering crippling losses while the British only suffered minimal casualties.

My battle of Maida, in command as General Stuart resumes...

The French forces after surprising me with a Horse artillery battery that deployed immediately to the front of their advancing columns has split in two.  Along the Lamato river, Italian-Polish light infantry are shadowing my advance and watching the battle on the plain in the center.  I've moved Kempt's Light infantry into a guarding position on that flank and I am sending another regiment of Line Infantry to support them.

French light infantry shadow my advance.

Meanwhile on the plain, I am engaged heavily with two French regiments including the 23rd me Light Infantry. I've moved the 2nd of the 78th Scots into position to hold the French in place.

It's volley fire from the 78th. The Scots stand valiantly, their regimental flag waving proudly. The heroes of Assaye are acquitting themselves quite well despite being outnumbered 2 to 1.
The 2nd of the 78th Foot engages two French regiments while the 27th and the 58th move into support positions on their flanks.  The heroes of Assaye earn distinction once again.

With the 78th holding firm, I've sent messages through two aides to Cole's Grenadiers and the 58th Foot. Each is ordered to move into position on the 78th's flanks. The Grenadiers hit first on the left flank, driving the French light infantry back.
British Grenadiers march down off higher ground into a supporting position on the 78th's left flank.

With the threat of enfilade fire from his right flank now, the French commander is conducting a fighting withdrawal.
British Grenadiers hit the French right.

Cole's timing could not have been more impeccable. His maneuver to contact timed perfectly, his steady fire is rattling the French. And to the south the 58th is wheeling into position now on the French left. Skirmishers rushing forward. British drill and discipline under fire once again seizes the day from these hapless Continentals.
The 58th wheels into position.  Skirmishers far forward.
The third attack on the 23 me Light Infantry regiment proves too much.  The 23rd knows their business though and retreats in good order. Returning fire as the march to a safer position.

The 23rd retreats from the field.

I quickly order the 58th's skirmishers to follow closely on their heels.
Skirmishers nip the 23rd's heels.

The 78th follows the French also.  Advancing over the bodies of the fallen French, their bagpipes keening as they pick up the pursuit of the 23rd.

Bagpipes pealing, the Scots advance.
The French are rallying in the distance, clustering around their Eagle standard.

The 23rd Legere rally in the face of 3 British regiments.

I am sending the 27th forward on the extreme left.  They've been ordered to hold the higher ground and to keep an eye on the next valley.  Only half of the French force is on the field.  The others are out of sight and our local guides say there are Swiss troops marshaling to the rear.

The 27th moves into position on the left flank.

More to follow...