Shock Force: Custom Nato Afghanistan Mission Screenshots

This is the third map I've created through the scenario editor.  I've been focusing on learning how to create realistic looking terrain and deploying forces in the editor.  I've not fooled around with the AI for the scenarios yet so the defenses I am up against are very passive and predictable.
Mission: A NATO platoon of German alpine infantry are tasked with seizing a suspected Taliban compound in a narrow valley in eastern Afghanistan. Enemy strength is unknown.
The battlefield.  Nato forces are charged with seizing four objectives at the upper end of the valley.  Objective Echo, the small compound at the top of the valley is worth the most points. However, Baker, Charlie and Dog are worth more points combined.
I deployed enemy forces around the objectives with some random unconventional combat teams in the lower valley. The approaches are mined with a mix of mines. I don't know if the Taliban, AQ use mines but these forces do.

Enemy positions at the scenario start.
I wanted the enemy positions to have well sighted, commanding views of the valley floor.
The view from Objective Charlie.

The view from Objective Dog.
 These are some screenshots from my most recent playtest of the scenario.  I upgraded the Taliban defense with some RPG units and a recoiless rifle team.

The German advance on Objective Dog begins.  In earlier fighting Objective Baker was seized by a quick rush of infantry in an APC after some suppressing fire on the treeline.  A destroyed German APC is just offscreen and another is en route to Objective Charlie.
A sniper team overlooks Objective Echo and Dog.  In the valley to their right, German troops are moving into position below Dog. 
German troops gain the upper field.
The final assault begins on Objective Echo.