Shock Force: Nato Afghanistan Mission

I have been working on a new map set in Eastern Afghanistan.  German elite, mountain infantry have been sent in to seize 4 objectives around a small village high above a valley.  The approaches are mined and the Taliban strength is unknown.  I am testing this map out with platoons on each side and may expand to a company level engagement.   The German forces have Tornado air support as well as artillery support.

Picture below:  
The machine gun team in the treeline was destroyed by an antipersonnel mine field when crossing the road to reinforce the attack on Objective Charlie. The German platoon deployed four sniper teams to provide long range support.

German commanders call in a Tornado strike on an elevatedTaliban position near Objective Echo.  The German infantry in the treeline are suppressing hostiles near Objective Dog while smoke is popped to screen the armor from RPG fire.