Shock Force: Euphrates Terror Cell

I created my second map and scenario using the mission editor for Combat Mission: Shock Force this week.

The scenario takes place in Iraq along the Euphrates river.  A combined German-US Strike Force has been sent in to mop up some Iraqi Fedayeen and possibly some terrorist cells using the Euphrates river to smuggle drugs, money and men to help finance and fuel the revolt against coalition forces.

The convoy, poised to make it's final push towards the Fedayeen position, comes under fire almost immediately as it pauses to regroup.

German machine gunners, center, engage enemy combatants roughly 300 meters away across this bend in the river.  Water isn't simulated in Shock Force (or at least I haven't seen it yet) and so I used mud to represent the river.

The German infantry which moved to engage the enemy along the road is coming under fire from over 200 meters away. At this point I am indiscriminately firing on buildings I believe are holding enemy troops. The setting is on "Iron"  so it is really hard to tell what is going on.  (This was my first time trying anything other than Basic Training.)

Open fire.
US infantry moving away from the roadside which is being hit by rpgs and mortars run into anti-personnel mines strewn across an adjoining field.
US infantry taking cover.

I forgot about the mines I added to this field.
This was my second test of this scenario. My first test on the "basic training" level ended in a draw and was a little less discouraging. It was mostly a long distance affair, with most targets over 200 meters away. The heavy cover along the riverbank made it difficult to engage and even find the enemy.
Aerial shot of the battlefield.  After 30 minutes of play this is where the firefight stood.

The AAR.  Coalition forces suffered seven KIA, a lost vehicle (German Fuchs) and another 7 WIA.