Scourge of War: A Storm of Lead and Iron AAR

It was a minor victory.  Hard fought with incredible carnage.  Commanding Rodes Division I was tasked with assaulting McPherson's Ridge during the 1st day of fighting. The sky was overcast, the temperature hot and my men were already engaged when I took command of the division.

Incredible losses by both sides.  It's a mopping up operation now with Union forces retreating.
  The scenario starts out with Iverson's men fully engaged on the Hagerstown Pike. I make the tactical decision to roll up the left flank with my reserves and not reinforce the center with Doles brigade.  Doles moves down off the forested hills and takes position opposite the Union line on my left.  From what I can see on the battlefield I have a 2 to 1 advantage now.

Fighting in the center.
Doles men move into position.
While Doles is moving into position.  I move two supporting batteries into position to overlook my objective on the center of McPherson's ridge.  They are providing immediate fire support to Iverson's men.

Rodes directs the artillery support for Iverson in the center.

With Doles brigade rolling up the Union right flank, Ramseur's brigade moves to quickly engage the Union forces around a farm house to the left of Iverson. His movement and volley fire freezes union forces and decreases the ability of the Union troops to turn and react to Doles.
Ramseur carries the flag forward.
Ramseur continues to drive forward bending the Union position into a horseshoe.

Ramseur's position is key.  He has moved perpendicular to the Union line and is inflicting heavy casualties with enfilade fire.
While Ramseur and Doles are rolling up the left flank, Oneal's and Daniels brigade are pounding away at the Union center and left flank running along McPherson's ridge.  The Union position is set behind a stonewall and is very strong.

Oneal and Daniels hit the center and right flank.

As the Union center gives way and my brigades crest the stonewall, the Union commander attempts to extend his left flank so he can enfilade fire on my units and force me to abandon the stone wall. Luckily the fighting below the ridge near the farm is ending and Ramseur and Doles are able to free up regiments to shore up my right flank.

Union forces try to get around my right flank.

The final fighting before the Union forces withdraw.
This was a great scenario. The terrain is favorable. You have good visibility and there are definite tactical advantages that can be gained from certain pieces of ground.