Scourge of War: Pipe Creek Add-On

The Pipe Creek expansion details a what-if scenario had Meade withdrawn from Gettysburg after making contact with the Confederates there and retreated back to the Army of Potomac's prepared line of defense along Pipe Creek near Uniontown, Maryland.

I can tell you it is a bear. I am currently commanding Longstreet's Corps in the first scenario.  Not knowing the terrain and the location of the Union army, the immersion level was high as I looked to make contact with them.  Union regiments skirmished with me around my initial objective and after driving them off I was still clueless as to where the main body was.  I kept McLaws division in reserve (as it turns out too far from the actual battlefield) and reconnoitered with Robertson's brigade on the right flank and Anderson's on the left flank.  The Union Army was in the center however and Evander Law's brigade which was stationed there and pushing forward along the main road has carried the brunt of the fighting so far. 

I love this expansion. I have struggled to move my men across great distances and keep them in good order.  My reserves were misplaced and one brigade (Robertson) looks to be completely cut-off though I maybe able to backtrack them out of their current predicament.  Somehow they wandered into the middle of the Union army without knowing it.  The terrain is confusing and I've moved men into what I thought was contact only to realize I was one ridge away.  More to follow with the AAR.  In the meantime, this is a must buy for Scourge of War fans.

McLaws division moving up from it's reserve position.  Will it make the battle in time?

As Benning's men engage on the left, the fighting in the center is hot and heavy.