Combat Mission Shock Force: Al Hawl

I am completely new to Combat Mission Shock Force.  I love the pace of play and the variety of scenarios.  If I need a Modern Combat fix I play this game first.

Tonight I played James Allen's Al Hawl battle.  At first, you feel really good about things.  You are in command of a Stryker Infantry company and the enemy opposition is a company of tanks and a mechanized company.  I've played enough of these scenarios to know the Syrian armor isn't the best and in the open US armor can smoke them.

What I didn't know, is that it is really hard to hit tanks that hang back in cities and use buildings as cover.

I started out like this:

Looking like a cake walk...

I ended up like this:
Less cake and more pain.
And the result, a minor defeat with heavy losses in men and armor is definitely a black mark on my record. Wow.
The painful truth.