Scourge of War: Antietam AAR: Blood on the Rails

This was the easiest scenario I have played so far.  You command General Patrick's Union brigade and are ordered to move up in support of General Hooker's attack on the Cornfield and what I believe is Dunker Church.

You have four regiments under your command and the enemy is holding the farmer's field before you and skirmishing with you from the woods on your right flank.

Objective captured.

Off to the left in and around the Cornfield the fighting is fierce.
The left flank.

Once the woods on my right flank was cleared, all four of my regiments engaged with the Confederates around the objective.
Fully engaged.

At the pinnacle of the firefight I had two regiments rout and head for the rear. At that point I sent my first request for support to my superior General Abner Doubleday. He didn't respond but a few minutes later the battle was declared a major victory for the Union side by the game engine. My first win.
Courier off.  Houston we have a problem.